Main Topics

The main theme of our meeting has been determined as “Bridges over challenging waters in Pulmonary Vascular Diseases” by gaining inspiration from three bridges which bring the continents together. So, our meeting has focused on presenting bridges to intercontinental, interregional and interdisciplinary meetings in the areas of adult and pediatric cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology, thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, intensive care specialty, pulmonary hypertension and cardiac insufficiency nursing.

  • Multimodality imaging: Pulmonary circulation and multislice CT of right heart, cardiac MRI, tissue Doppler, strain / strain rate and evaluation by 3D Echo
  • Cardiac catheterization and vasoreactivity test
  • New hemodynamic definitions and clinical significance
  • What kind of advantages these  daily guideline applications  have brought to us, and what is left unanswered: Pulmonary embolism ESC 2014 ESC / ERS 2015 Pulmonary Hypertension, ACC / AHA 2015 guidelines for pediatric pulmonary hypertension
  • Acute pulmonary embolism: risk based anticoagulant, thrombolytic therapy and percutaneous approaches
  • Predicting the risk assessment and treatment benefit in patients with PH paradigm shift: The mortality / morbidity endpoints
  • New diagnosis, follow-up and treatment algorithms in PAH subgroups
  • Initially (up-front) combination or sequential (sequential) combination therapies
  • Is goal-oriented treatment approach still valid
  • PAH in congenital heart disease: Focus on sub-groups, medical, interventional and surgical solutions
  • When a shunt must be closed
  • PAH in connective tissue disease: diagnosis and treatment algorithms
  • Connected to left heart disease (Group 2) and depending on lung diseases (group 3) PH
  • Advanced stage PD patient management, parenteral prostacyclin therapy
  • Preparation for lung transplant
  • Adult and pediatric lung and heart / lung transplant at this point, the pre-transplant treatment of assistive devices
  • CTEPH differential diagnosis, treatment algorithms
  • In pulmonary endarterectomy; San Diego, Europe, Turkey, Middle East, China and the Japanese experience
  • Pulmonary balloon angioplasty, either alone or hybrid approaches
  • Current PD / CTEPH centers of expertise and description of the referral chain
  • Studies from around the world and our country and PH paperwork: REVEAL, PROPELLER, THALES, SİMURG, EUPHRATES
  • Pulmonary artery denervation
  • Panel discussion: PH / CTEPH common treatment and biodegradable points by the experts from different parts of the world
  • “Meet  the  experts” sessions
  • Nursing workshops in pulmonary hypertension and heart failure
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